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This site was originally designed with Chinese college students in mind. The goal was to encourage students of all English levels to read websites written in English. That is one of the reasons that many words will have the Chinese
equivalent if you mouse over them. Shortly after beginning to collect material it became clear that the site would have a greater chance for success if it was attractive to both native and non-native English speakers. Therefore the main goal changed.
Now this website is simply a place to read interesting stories, jokes, opinions, experiences etc. Many items are in some form or fashion related to China. So if you are interested in China you are in the right place. The website is, however, constantly evolving, and honestly does not as yet have a very clear identity. To some that may be a good thing, to others not. What it really means is that YOU will have an impact on the content and layout of this site.
Everyone is welcome, and we hope that there is something of interest here for everyone. The forum is an extremely important aspect of this site, and we hope that the discussions here can remain civil.
If you are not sure where to start may we suggest you check out the site-map for an explanation of the various areas of the website. Enjoy, have fun and relax.

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Do you like to write? Have you had some interesting experiences? Do you have a blog? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we are interested in hearing from you. If you think your material is good enough for this site then by all means give us a sample of your writing, or direct us to your blog.
This site uses both Chinese and English, so if you can speak both of these languages then you might have an advantage. Even if you can’t it’s ok, but it might take us longer to respond when you submit a sample.
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